James and Reggie discuss the interview we had in September with Devin McGlamary And Dustin Doyle from Ernie Haas and Signature Sound.

We also play some great songs by them as well.

As usual we got into a few discussions, one got us into a few books we have read and the Authors that inspire us (well James reads them).


Hope you enjoy the show.


Here's a few groups you'll hear from:

  • Ernie Haas and Signature Sound
  • Greater Vision
  • Canton Junction
  • The McKamey's
  • Heaven's Mountain Band
  • Mylon Hayes Family
  • Mark Dubbeld Family
  • Common Bond Quartet
  • ...Plus Many more.



You can also visit www.amazon.com to purchase Andy's books or Cd's (Personally I love getting the audio books)


You'll see that Torry is an ecentric man, but His heart and story is full of insights from God.




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