Five months into this "Podcasting" thing and we are full steam ahead.

It all started with my hoping and dreaming about a few things on the steps of my daughter's school. A cat named Reggie came by to see what was up and I threw the idea out to him about starting a podcast about Southern Gospel Music.

After the initial question and answer session between Reggie and I, we were both excited to take the next step. We had a few pieces of equipment, we had a general knowledge of the music, we had... we had.. we had what we needed to get started...except a third body.

We wanted to have three people behind the mics, so, we sought out Adam McCown. He was on board, he had recorded an album himself, he loved SG music, and we were all great friends, so away we went.
Soon, we all met together and recorded a few episodes, they were great, the technical side of it was lacking just a little but it soon got better and we hit the ground running. Unfortunately, Adam had to leave, So Reggie and I moved on, as an owner of a landscaping business he was overwhelmed by the busyness of his business. (See what I did there?)

Of course, schedules oftentimes get discombobulated and I have had to do a few recordings alone, but all-in-all, Reggie and I have been right there together. Reggie keeps us laughing and informing all of us about his wife and father-in-law and how they have "Sang with them", or "Sung that song". He also keeps us going with some color commentary. James too tries to keep it light but tries to steer the shows in the right direction. Regardless though of which one chases a rabbit, cracks the joke, or completely goofs on air, we have a great time.

We have met some of the biggest names in Southern Gospel Music, but we've also met some of the most humble folks in the business (by the way most of those are the same people). We have been astonished by the down to earth conversations we've had with many of these artists that have sung on stages across the globe, in awards shows such as the Grammy's, the Dove Awards, and of Course the Singing News Fan Awards at the National Quartet Convention.

Thank you for listening and sharing.

God Bless and let's keep on together!

James Burke